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Social Media is taking over the world

November 18, 2008

Myspace, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, the list goes on and on and PR people can’t stop talking about it.  As a group we love to talk and finding new ways to make sure we’re heard is always great, so social media is a wonderful outlet for us.  A lot of us utilize social media in our personal lives to stay connected to friends/family and also to promote ourselves when looking for a job.  Even more, we are using social media with our clients to help combat a variety of issues that may arise.  Todd Defren of PR Squared talked about how social media can even help alleviate and even prevent some of the economic woes that some companies have been feeling.

A museum takes advantage of everything the Internet has to offer
In my travels around the Internet I have noticed that a lot of art museums are beginning to embrace social media and use it to their advantage.  The best example I have seen of this comes from the Indianapolis Museum of Art.

IMA has it all right there on their Web site’s homepage.  If you click on the Interact link it brings up:

  • Links to Flickr, YouTube, Facebook and iTunes
  • the IMA blog
  • the IMA collection of tags
  • and their videos

The museum’s videos are really the best.  They have everything from artist interviews to a curator’s blog to employee profiles.  They make videos that “trailer” their upcoming exhibits and even show viewers how to make origami.  Not only that, but because the videos are on YouTube viewers can comment on them and the museum gets all that great two-way communication going.

Check out this video about the PR person at the museum.

It’s pretty wonderful when social media and art come together like that.  I wish more museums were taking IMA’s example.  A lot of museums have blogs and some even have videos but not to the extent of IMA.  I also really love how all the videos are connected with the museum’s logo, It’s My Art.  Everyone who works at the museum is part of their social media so it’s not all sophisticated curators but even the groundskeeper gets to be part of it.  This really lets the public in on every aspect of the museum creating that great transparency we all strive for.  Seriously, check out their YouTube channel to see how it’s done.